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M83 Trilogy (2011)

Updated: Feb 4

The Cerebral Soundscape of Anthony Gonzalez

"I love composing music and making music with pictures in my head, it's really what's driving me. Cinema is the biggest influence for me - even bigger than music itself, so this album is built as a soundtrack, as an imaginary film. This is what we tried to convey with this trilogy." Anthony Gonzales, M83

Do yourself a favour - if you still haven't listened to the stunning M83 album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming then watching the trilogy of music videos below would be the perfect place to start. Much like Daft Punk's nostalgic collaboration with legendary Japanese animator, Leiji Matsumoto in Interstella 5555, the three films for Midnight City, Reunion and Wait are directed by Fleur & Manu and resemble every attempt to collapse Kubrick, Fricke and Otomo's Akira in to an epic, sublime landscape of latent power and magnitude. The later influence, aside from Josh Trank's film, Chronicle, is perhaps the closest experience you will have to a live action rendition (who needs one, right?) of the anime classic. Indeed there are the conscious influences; but M83's Anthony Gonzalez writes more than capturing a particular moment that reminds you of the very things that have shaped your Spielbergian youth. Instead he builds on those foundations; and in the process crafts both uplifting, dreamlike music that is both evocative and transcendantal. If this is where Fleur & Manu succeed, then it is in the synthesis of the unique sound and vision of a multitalented musician.

This post was first published on March 10th 2013.

"Midnight City"

A group of telekinetic children escape their asylum in an attempt to regulate their inherent superpowers.


Embracing their powers, the children battle authorities who come under the control of another, less fortunate child.


The third instalment brought to life with support from The Creators Project and shows the apparent exile, rebirth and natural rehabilitation of two surviving children.

"My Tears Are Becoming a Sea"

Prequel track from the 10th anniversary of Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.

"StarWaves" - Oblivion Soundtrack

It's no surprise since 2011, that Anthony Gonzalez has gone on to compose the Oblivion soundtrack; Tom Cruise's latest sci-fi vehicle due out in April. The first track, StarWaves can be listened to online and already hints at something quite special indeed through a sweeping score that both emulates and builds on some of the great film score composers.


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