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FrightFest Preview: WEREWOLF SANTA

A bite of seasonal lycanthropy announces its world premiere at Pigeon Shrine FrightFest 2023

Director: Airell Anthony Hayles Starring: Emily Booth, Joe Bob Briggs (voice), Mark Arnold and Katherine Rodden Run time: 70 mins Lucy has a social media channel where she hunts evidence of actual monsters, but it’s not doing so great with just a few viewers following her disappointing posts. Everything changes on Christmas Eve, when her camera witnesses Santa get bit by a werewolf before he becomes a werewolf himself! As Werewolf Santa starts to wreak bloody havoc in their seaside town, Lucy and her bickering family set off on a madcap adventure to kill the beast and save Christmas…

Mark Arnold who starred alongside Michael J Fox in the classic 1985 werewolf comedy Teen Wolf, is returning to our screens in a brand new werewolf comedy. Werewolf Santa asks, what happens when Santa Claus turns into a werewolf on Christmas Eve? Incidentally, Teen Wolf happens to be the director’s favourite eighties film!

It's being made as Christmas horror films are becoming their own established genre, and this is the film the creators have always wanted to be able to switch on after necking a couple of very large Bailey's on Christmas Eve...

Also teamed up on the project are British horror royalty Emily Booth (Tarrintino's Grindhouse) and legendary drive in film critic, and Shudder personality, Joe Bob Briggs who has a special voice cameo on the film.

Director Airell Hayles says of the project, 'I love Christmas horror movies, and to work with this cast on such a crazy story really is another nightmare come true, after our first three feature films also received a FrightFest screening.

Werewolf Santa is soon to announce its distribution partner, and aspires to become an alternative holiday favourite.


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