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Classic Scenes: Apocalypse Now (1979)

Updated: Feb 4

The Horror...

"You have to have men who are moral... and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling... without passion... without judgment... without judgment. Because it's judgment that defeats us." Colonel Kurtz

There are few scenes in cinema history that place you inside the mind of insanity. Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece forces you to understand the reasoning behind such atrocities that may lead to one man’s self destruction. Aside from Brando’s outstanding performance - this is a scene that chills you to the very core of the human condition. The build up has been over 3 hours. Willard the assassin has travelled for weeks up the Viet Cong river to take out the insane, General Kurtz. In finally meeting the man and witnessing first hand what he is capable of, he confronts him in the shadows... and, before he takes him out, listens to what he has to say....


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