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HERD Home Release

The brand-new action-packed zombie thriller follows its FRIGHTFEST premiere with home entertainment release in October

Starring: Ellen Adair (Homeland, The Sinner), Jeremy Holm (The Ranger, House of Cards, Mr. Robot), Timothy V. Murphy (Snowpiercer, The Lone Ranger, Sons of Anarchy, Westworld), Corbin Bernsen (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Major League) and Mitzi Akaha (Archive 81)

Have you Herd...? There’s a brand-new action-packed zombie thriller from Steven Pierce coming to our screens, starring The Sinner’s Ellen Adair (Homeland, The Sinner) as a woman trying to outrun her past, but who accidentally runs headlong into a rampant zombie outbreak and a raging war between militia groups...

High Fliers is thrilled to announce that following its highly anticipated World Premiere at FrightFest 2023 on Saturday 26 August, you can join the Herd on digital and physical this October.

With her marriage on the rocks, Jamie (Adair) convinces her wife, Alex (Mitzi Akaha Archive 81), to join her on a make-or-break canoe trip to her remote hometown in rural Missouri, where her father (Corbin Bernsen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Major League) still lives. But when an accident leaves Alex with a broken leg, things quickly go from bad to worse to unimaginable…

When they finally reach the town, they discover it’s been overrun by Heps – virus-infected humans turned bloody-thirsty zombies that are multiplying by the minute.

Even worse…. Alex has been scratched by one of the infected. As panic spreads, violence erupts, and hope turns to horror as the couple find themselves caught between two warring militia groups and the ravenous zombies and must do anything and everything they can to survive.

It’s fight for survival or fight for control as zombies face off with militia in a battle between the unstoppable undead and the cold-blooded commandos… and two women who’ll fight to the very last to make it out alive in this bloody-brilliant zombie fest.

UK Home Entertainment release 23rd October 2023

Screens Saturday 26th August at 1820 and Sunday 27th August at 1340

Check out FrightFest for more details


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